How Much Do Bengal Cats Cost? (With Real Breeder Prices)

Bengal cats have become an increasingly popular pet choice. Known for its exotic and wild look, it’s one of the most expensive cat breeds you can own.

Unfortunately, the increase in demand comes with a higher price tag.

How much does a Bengal cat cost?

On average, a kitten from a good breeder can cost $800 – $4,500. These prices vary depending on the coat colors, kitten trait, generation, and level of care.

Kittens that exhibit show qualities might attract higher charges. If you are working with a limited budget, consider getting an adult or retired breeding cat which is more affordable.

Actual Bengal Cat Prices

Bengal cat prices differ in different countries. Therefore, the demand in your area and location has a significance on the final cost of your kitten.

If you are having trouble connecting with a good breeder, you can check if they are registered with feline organizations like The International Cat Association (TICA).

Here are some Bengal cat prices from actual Bengal cat breeders.

Wild n Sweet Bengals

Traipse Bengals

  • Website:
  • Average Cost: – $ 1,200 – $ 2,400 for Marbled Kittens
  • $  2,400 – $ 3,400 for Rosette Spotted Pet Kittens
  • $ 3,500 and up for the Best Rosette Spotted Pet Kittens
  • $ 7,500 – $ 10,000+  for Breeder and Highest Show Quality Kittens​
  • $500 additional for International Bengals Shipped

Wonder Spots Bengals

Jewel Spride Bengals

  • Website:
  • Average Cost: Brown Kittens – $2500 to $3000 + tax
  • Snow Kittens  (seal lynx point, mink and sepia) – $2700 – $3000 + tax
  • Silver Kittens – $2800 to $3000 + tax

Jungle Cat Bengals

What Impacts The Price Of Bengals?

When looking for a Bengal cat for your home, you will find that different breeders offer varying prices.

This is because some options are so costly in comparison to others. What factors influence this pricing? 

Let’s find out.


Kittens tend to be more expensive than older cats. Therefore, breeders take care of the cat until they are 12 to 16 weeks old. This is enough time for socialization that protects the kitten from experiencing long-term behavioral issues.

Taking care of a growing kitten requires a lot of time and effort. Due to the costs incurred, the breeder is likely to sell the kitten at a high price. However, if your budget is limited, consider going for an older cat.


Bengal cats were developed by crossing domestic cats with small Asian Leopard cats. The generation rating is given depending on how far the cat is from the Asian Leopard Cat ancestor.

The F1 generation is superior and results from when a Bengal cat is bred with an Asian Leopard cat.

The pricing for a Bengal depends on how many generations they are removed from their Asian Leopard cat ancestry. Therefore, F1 kittens are more costly than F2 and F3.


When looking for a Bengal kitten, you need to understand the difference between pet, breeder, and show quality. Breeders have to pay more for breeding kittens from quality lines with rights. The price of the kittens will differ depending on the quality.

Pet quality standards are primarily for domestication. Having been spayed and neutered, they aren’t meant for shows.

Breeding quality attracts a higher price because they possess excellent physical and temperamental traits that will improve the breed if passed down. These kittens come with breeder rights and are only sold to registered breeders.

On the other hand, show quality Bengals are highly valued because they have all the desired traits.

In addition, they have exceptional skills, making them suitable for cat shows. For this reason, they tend to be very expensive.

Supply and Demand

Cats that are in high demand are very costly. The different and unique coat colors and patterns highly influence this price. As a result, rare coats are more popular with pet keepers and breeders.

The location also affects the pricing. For cat lovers who live in areas with a limited number of Bengal breeders, the cost will automatically increase due to the demand.

Because of this, some breeders have a long waitlist with pet lovers waiting to get a Bengal kitten which drives the price up.

Finding a Quality Bengal Breeder

Due to the demand for Bengal cats, breeders are getting more into this breed. If you can’t find one in your area, here’s a guide on where to look and red flags to look out for.

Avoid Scammers

Some breeders will take your money and not deliver the kitten. Therefore, you need to be diligent and don’t rush into buying one without checking whether they are legitimate. You can protect yourself by visiting the breeder or organizing video calls as you make the purchase.

Avoid Extremely Low Prices

Bengals are one of the most expensive breeds. Therefore, a breeder quoting an extremely low price is most likely a con.

Avoid Backyard Breeders

Most backyard breeders look for a way to reduce their expenses and make a profit at the expense of ethical practices. For example, they avoid costs by selling kittens at 8 weeks or less to avoid taking care of them.

Unfortunately, they may also be feeding them a poor diet and skipping health screenings.

Where to Find a Good Breeder

The International Cat Association (TICA)

TICA has a list of registered breeders who have signed the code of ethics. You can find a cattery in your city from their list.

Social Media

There are more resources on social media pages such as Instagram and Facebook groups in this digital age. If you don’t know where to start, you can search Bengal cat groups on these platforms to get an idea of the best breeders in your city.

Adopting a Bengal Cat

Bengal cats are a substantial financial investment. Because of this, you can find a feline that’s up for adoption on different platforms.

Facebook Groups

Cat lovers have large groups of members on social media where they exchange information about their felines. So if you are looking to adopt a Bengal, this is an excellent place to start.

Shelters or Rescue Centers

Most shelters will give up Bengal cats for adoption due to their high maintenance. You can contact your local shelter to alert you once they have one up for adoption.

You may be required to pay adoption fees to cater to the expenses incurred in taking care of the cat.

You can use online platforms such as Bengal Rescue to start the adoption process.


Getting a Bengal cat is such a costly affair. But their exotic look is an excellent addition to your home.

As you look for one to adopt or buy, consider some of the factors that affect the pricing. Choosing a good, ethical breeder is a crucial part of getting a quality kitten.