15 Best Cat Collars of 2021 (Breakaway, Embroidered, Bells)

Most people don’t think about the importance of collars for cats – to many, collars are more of a dog thing.

But that’s not the case at all.

In fact, collars serve as a means for identification, make them more visible at night (if using reflective collars like I’ve included below), and make them easier to find (if they have bells on them).

Here you will find not just my favorite options…but some of the most loved collars by others in the feline community.

Most Popular Cat Collars

Cat collars are an essential accessory to have. It can help identify your cat in case they get lost. However, finding a suitable collar is not always easy. Here are some popular cat collars you should consider for the furry friend.

Rogz Nightcat Cat Collar

The Rogz nightcat collar has a reflective material. This feature makes your cat visible in the dark. The collar also comes with three settings that you can adjust according to the size of your cat. Another useful feature is the breakaway buckle. It breaks open if your cat gets snagged, releasing the cat.


  • The nylons material is easy to clean.
  • You can adjust the breakaway point depending on your cat’s weight.
  • The material is soft and comfortable.


  • The fabric used to make the inner gets torn, and threads begin to pull out.
  • The frayed fabric gets caught on the cat’s teeth and claws.
  • Some customers complain of the little bell coming loose.

GoTags Personalized Cat Collars

Go tags are best known for their pet tags. Instead of buying a tag, you can use their personalized cat collar. The information on the collar is colorfully embroidered. Buyers can choose from more than 15 thread colors and five collar colors when placing their order. Other features include a safety buckle and nylon webbing for comfort.


  • The collar is adjustable allowing you to change it as your cat grows.
  • It has a safety buckle that frees the cat when snagged.
  • The embroidery is permanent, unlike tags.


  • Name customization is only done in the English alphabet.
  • For smaller cats, the adjuster buckle can cover some of the letters.
  • The safety buckle opens at the slightest tag making it easy to lose.

Pawtitas Glow in the Dark Cat Collar

The most standout feature of this collar is its ability to glow in the dark. It makes your cat easily visible while they explore in the dark. Pawtitas glow in the collar is adjustable, meaning any cat can wear it. The breakaway ensures your cat doesn’t get stuck on a tree or fence. The collar also features a bell which is removable if the cat doesn’t like it.


  • The collar is durable due to the reinforcement.
  • The glow-in-the-dark and bell enhance your cat’s safety.
  • Buyers have a choice between 8 different colors.


  • The collar doesn’t glow bright enough as it should.
  • The glowing wears off too soon even after being in a well-lit environment.
  • The collar may be too big for smaller kittens even when in the tightest setting.

Breakaway Cat Collars

Not all collars are safe for use on cats. The most significant danger is that cats can get snagged. The breakaway feature allows the collar to open when pulled. Here are some of the best breakaway cat collars in the market.

CollarDirect Breakaway Cat Collar

CollarDirect is a reputable brand when it comes to pet accessories. Their breakaway cat collar comes in three different tribal patterns. The material is high-quality nylons that ensure the cat’s comfort. Each collar features a breakaway buckle that sets the cat free in case of snagging.


  • They are very adjustable.
  • The package contains two collars for easy replacement.
  • The collar is adjustable.


  • The breakaway buckle may not work properly.
  • Can get frayed if you have a scratchy cat

Taglory Reflective Breakaway Cat Collar

The Taglory collar has a breakaway clasp that releases the cat when stuck. However, it has enough resistance to prevent the cat from losing the collar. The print is always reflective to enhance visibility. It is also adjustable to fit different neck sizes.


  • Very affordable
  • Available in six vibrant colors
  • It is very lightweight for comfort.
  • Comes with an attached bell


  • Can be hard to open
  • The bells may not be loud enough for the hearing impaired.

TCBOYING Breakaway Cat Collar

The TCBOYING collar has an adjustable buckle that can accommodate between 7 and 12 inches. Buyers can choose a suitable collar from six different colors. The reflective material comes in handy when locating your cat after dark. But the best feature is the strong breakaway buckle that is easy to close or open.


  • It is compost of high-quality soft nylon for the cat’s comfort.
  • The collar is affordable.
  • It has a bell for monitoring which is removable.
  • The collar reflects light for easy visibility.


  • The collar gets frayed easily
  • Some customers complain about the reflective part wearing easily.

Bingpet Breakaway Cat Collar

This Bingpet collar is a compost of soft polyester for maximum comfort. This is the best value for money since the package contains two cat collars. The breakaway buckle added ensures your pet’s protection.


  • Very affordable since you get two for one
  • Comes with a little bell for easy location
  • The material is soft and comfortable.


  • The cat’s face clasp has sharp ears that may irritate the cat.
  • The bell is not easy to remove if you don’t like it.

Cat Collars with Bells

The primary reason for having bells is to ward off wildlife. For instance, it prevents your cat from preying on local fauna such as birds. Here are the top four cat collars with bells you should consider.

SuperBuddy Breakaway Cat Collar with Bell

If you are looking for something colorful, then the Superbuddy is the way to go. This collar is available in four vibrant prints with fascinating patterns. It is also made of lightweight and heavy-duty material for comfort and durability. The collar also comes with a bell to help monitor your cat.


  • It is adjustable to fit all cats.
  • The bell helps you monitor your cat’s location.
  • It has a safe breakaway buckle for safety.


  • The buckle is hard to pull apart.
  • The pointy cat ears on the buckle can be dangerous.

Expawlorer Cat Collar Breakaway with Bell

Very few cat collars are as stylish as the expawlorer. They feature a shiny rhinestone decoration for added appeal. They also come with a soft velvet material with a buckle. For safety, the collar comes with a breakaway buckle. Buyers have options of black, purple, and pink.


  • Very cute, especially the rhinestones
  • The soft velvet is very comfortable.
  • The breakaway buckle ensures the cat’s safety.


  • Smaller cats may not fit properly.
  • Extra material doesn’t lie flat on the collar.
  • The rhinestone may start to fall out.

 Joytale Cat Collar

A cat in a bow tie is one of the cutest things you will ever see. The joytale cat collar comes with a removable bow tie. You can easily replace it or do away with it together. This collar also features a bell that helps you locate your cat. As a safety measure, it also comes with a breakaway buckle.


  • Eye-catching due to the bow tie
  • Available in more than ten different color combinations
  • The cotton is comfortable.
  • The neck is adjustable.


  • Some breakaway buckles can be too loose.
  • It doesn’t fit well with small kittens.

BRONZEDOG Cat Collar with Bell Safety

Bronzedog cat is among few options that have leather. It also features steel hardware for durability. Besides, the collar has bright jingle bells to help you locate your cat.


  • Adjustable collar to fit different cats
  • Available in six different colors
  • Made of durable genuine leather


  • Lacks a breakaway buckle
  • A bit pricey
  • May cause matting

Personalized Cat Collars

Personalization helps your cat stand out. It also saves you from having to buy ID tags. The best part of personalization is that it allows you to choose colors and accessories beforehand. Here are the top personalized cat collars you should buy. 

Breakaway Cat Collar with ID Tags Personalized

With this collar, you don’t have to buy tags separately. Tags are already customized for your cat’s name and your contact information. You can choose different shapes ranging from hearts, fish, and round tags.


  • The package contains three customized collars.
  • Has a reflective design for ease of visibility
  • It comes with a breakaway buckle for safety.
  • The collar neck is adjustable to fit different dog sizes.


  • Some tags fade easily.
  • Some cats may find the collars itching.

Personalized Cat Collar Leather Suede with Breakaway Buckle

This collar is composed of durable leather suede. The personalization comes in the form of aluminum engraving. Buyers can engrave the name of their cat along with their phone number.


  • Has a breakaway buckle for the cat’s safety.
  • The identification is low profile and doesn’t agitate the cat
  • The crafting and stitching is flawless


  • It is not adjustable
  • Some of the letters may fade after a while.

Personalized Rhinestone Pet Dog Cat Collars

If you have a performing cat, you will need to something to capture the audience’s attention. The personalized rhinestone collar features bling crystals. You can request customization of the name in addition to different charms.


  • It is compost of soft leather.
  • The material is durable.
  • Available in four different sizes ranging from extra small to large.


  • Some names fall off after a while
  • It may be slightly heavier for small cats.

FlowerTown Embroidered Nylon Cat ID Collars

If standard metal tags are below your fashionable cat, consider a FlowerTown embroidered collar to personalize your kitty’s look. The nylon collars use embroidery in complementary colors so your cat’s name and your phone number are highly visible.

A bell ensures you’ll know where your cat is, even if you can’t see them. 


  • Embroidery doesn’t fade or fall off.
  • No tags to possibly lose.
  • Range of color options


  • One size option (adjusts from 8 to 12 inches)
  • Some cats can undo the cat-shaped clasp