16 Catnip Products Cats Go WILD For (Leafy, Sprays, Toys)

You know it…I know it… CATS LOVE CATNIP.

There’s just something about it that drives them to complete and total euphoria.

When I found these products I had to share them.

Overall Most Popular Catnip Products

Sometimes, products are best-sellers for a reason. When lots of customers choose to buy the same product repeatedly, that’s a good sign that the product is a winner. Catnip is no exception to this rule.

From the Field Ultimate Blend Silver Vine/Catnip Mix Tub

According to customer reviews, cats go crazy for this catnip. The product is fresh and smells good; it is green and fluffy with no stems. This catnip provides a 20-minute “high,” and even choosy cats like it better than some more expensive brands.

Some kitties try to get to this catnip before the Amazon package has even been opened. Some customers complain about the flimsy tub in which From The Field catnip is packaged, which can break or collapse during shipping.

Still, most users just transferred the product to another container once it arrived and watched their cats go nuts for it.

From The Field Catnip Spray Rejuvenator

From the Field Catnip Spray Rejuvenator is another product cats can’t get enough of. Catnip spray is less messy and more convenient than flakes; you can spray it directly on toys, beds, boxes, or scratching posts.

Some cats come running whenever they hear their humans shaking the bottle. Most reviewers found that when this spray was applied to toys or scratching posts that their cats had all but ignored, these items suddenly fascinated their fur babies.

This spray is very potent, with effects that last up to half an hour. 

Our Pets Cosmic Catnip Cat Toy 2-Pack

Cats can be famously picky about, well, everything – toys included. Customer reviews identify this toy as one that cats simply can’t pass up.

These soft, catnip-filled carrots are a perfect size and shape for cuddling. Many reviewers said that these are their cats’ favorite toys; in some cases, they are the only toys their pets like at all.

The 2-pack also comes in handy if you have more than one cat – they won’t have to fight over the same tantalizing carrot.

Temptations Cat Catnip Fever Treats Mixups

Cats gobble up these catnip treats from Temptations. Many customers say these snacks are their cats’ favorite. Even cats who ordinarily turn their noses up at treats will zoom into the room when they hear the Temptations bag being opened.

The package is resealable, which keeps the treats fresh for weeks at a time.

Best Leafy Catnip

Catnip is a plant related to mint that contains nepetalactone, an oil that functions as a pheromone for cats. In its plant form, it is green and flakey, similar in appearance to marijuana. The flakes attract cats and cause temporary euphoria – basically, it makes them happy.

Purple Haze Catnip

This catnip is very potent – a little goes a long way. Customer reviews observe that the jar is full of buds with very few stems or loose leaves.

Most customers say that their cats absolutely love Purple Haze, even the ones who don’t usually show any interest in catnip.

Yeowww! Catnip

Customers identify the quality of Yeowww! Cat Catnip as top-notch. This stem-free catnip is excellent for burying old catnip toys to make them irresistible to cats once again. The price of this product also makes it a great value.

Cat Crack Organic Catnip

Customer reviews comically note the “addictions” their cats have developed for Cat Crack. Even senior cats get up and come running for this product, then play like kittens once they are “high.”

The Cat Crack jar is also handy for keeping this catnip fresh and potent.

Catnip Sprays

Catnip sprays consist of catnip oils containing nepetalactone. They hold the same attraction for cats and produce the same effects but in a less messy and more convenient form. You can apply sprays to toys, pet beds, blankets – anything you want to attract and entertain your kitty.

munchiecat Organic Catnip Spray

munchiecat’s catnip spray is a potent option that lasts about an hour after each use. When customers applied it to their toys, scratching posts, and cat towers, their finicky felines rediscovered the joys of these belongings.

Some even reported that pet-siblings who usually don’t get along chilled out and played together when this spray was used.

Pet Craft Supply Premium Potent Catnip

Several customers note that while their cats ignore other brands of catnip spray, Pet Craft Supply Catnip captivates them. Due to its high potency, some reviewers recommend using it in small doses or applying it less frequently.

Since you won’t use as much of this product at a time, it will keep your furry friends happy for longer.

Smokey’s Stash Catnip Spray

Customers rave about this catnip spray’s fresh smell. Cat parents of kittens and senior kitties alike note how attractive Smokey’s Stash is to their fur babies, infusing old toys with new life. This option comes with a jar of leafy catnip as well, adding to its value.

Catnip Toys

Watching a kitten snuggle, bat, and pounce on a toy warms the heart of any cat-lover. When an adult cat does the same thing, it can be even more endearing.

Toys filled with catnip bring out the inner kitten in fully grown cats, providing them with hours of entertainment and their humans with lots of Instagram-worthy photo opportunities.

Legendog Catnip Pillows

Don’t let this company’s name fool you – Legendog knows what felines like. This 5-piece set of catnip-filled pillows is as cute to humans as it is enticing to cats. Customer reviews note the durability of these toys, which is essential since your cat will want to play with them daily.

Yeowww! Yellow Banana Catnip Toy

Your cat will go bananas for this one (sorry, had to). The shape, color, and catnip contents of Yeowww! Bananas are all designed to grab feline attention. Perfect for snuggling and impressively durable, this product receives glowing customer reviews.

SmartyKat Madcap Mania Mouse

All cats love to chase mice, and SmartyKat’s Madcap Mania Mouse is extra enticing. These catnip-filled toys are refillable; just add fresh catnip and keep your kittie as interested as if this mouse were brand new. 

Catnip Sticks

Catnip treats are tempting even to the most finicky of felines. These morsels combine savory tastes with alluring catnip to ensure that your cat will come back for more. Even the laziest of kitties will hop up and follow you around for one of these snacks.

Feline Greenies Natural Dental Care Treats

Not only are these treats irresistible to cats, but customers have also noted that their veterinarians praise the health benefits of Feline Greenies Natural Dental Care treats. They help clean cats’ teeth and freshen their breath while providing a catnip fix.

Purina Friskies Party Mix Natural Yums

Customer reviews identify these snacks as irresistible even to cats who don’t usually go for treats. With their all-natural ingredients and added nutrients, Purina Friskies Party Mix Natural Yums are another healthy choice for your kitty.

Keep your fur baby happy and fit with these catnip-flavored snacks.

Temptations Creepy Catnip Treats

These low-calorie catnip treats are a guilt-free way to indulge your cats. They will love every bite and never know they’re being served a non-fattening snack.

The container locks in freshness and locks out your kitty, which is fortunate since your cat won’t be able to resist these tasty but healthy treats.