Top 11 Low-Shedding Cat Breeds Revealed

One thing that pet owners worldwide can agree on is that their hair is a huge hassle.

Millions of people love and own cats, but hair allergies or the annoyance of lint rolling every outfit before leaving the house can cloud all of the great things about having a feline friend. 

Luckily, if you fall into this category, there are options out there for you. There are tons of low-shedding, sort-of-hypoallergenic cats to choose from.

Cat breeds with short hair do not shed as much. Here we have compiled a list of ten of the most allergy-friendly and hassle-free cat breeds so you can live with your furry companion and enjoy every minute of it. 

So, What Cat Breeds Shed The Least?

Though there are no truly hypoallergenic cat breeds, there are quite a few that shed very little, making them safer for owners with allergy problems. 

1. Sphynx

Sphynx Cat With Green Eyes
Sergey Taran | Dreamstime

Everyone recognizes the Sphynx for its unique “hairless” appearance. The natural no-hair look makes it the ultimate cat for dealing with shedding.

Thanks to a genetic abnormality, these cats only have a slight amount of fur that cannot be seen easily by the naked eye, which makes them a top choice for feline lovers with allergies. 

The Sphynx does require a bit more maintenance than other cats. Cat’s skin produces and secretes oil much like humans, but the Sphynx does not have a furry coat to absorb the oils.

Because of this, they require a bit of skin care to maintain their smooth feel. 

2. Balinese-Javanese

Balinese Cat Looking Up
Slowmotiongli | Dreamstime

Known as either the Balinese or Javanese depending on the color and pattern of its coat, this regal-looking cat is a great option for those looking to limit the amount of hair shedding in their home.

They are similar to a Siamese in just about every way aside from their silky coat and fluffy tail and are playful kittens at heart.

The Balinese-Javanese cat sheds moderately. Their coats are medium in length and they do not have an undercoat.

They require weekly brushing to remove any loose hair, which keeps shedding at bay. These cats are a great addition if your only concern is limiting shedded hair. 

3. Cornish Rex

Brown Cornish Rex Cat
Liudmila Sidzenka | Dreamstime

The Cornish Rex does have hair, but unlike other cats, it is curly and short. Their fur lies near the body so shedding does not occur as often.

The Cornish Rex breed is known for its wavy coat and large eyes. They are incredibly active and love climbing, jumping, and darting around the house.

If you want a cat that fits into your active family life without covering every inch in fur, consider the Cornish Rex as your next feline friend. 

4. Devon Rex

Black Devon Rex Pawing At Air
Dmitri Pravdjukov | Dreamstime

Similar to the Cornish Rex, the Devon Rex breed is another short-haired curly cat. These cats have a unique characteristic that sets them apart: when they are happy, they wag their tails.

Because of their tail-wagging personality, the Devon Rex is also known as a “poodle who purs.”

The Devon Rex is known to develop close bonds with their owners, and tend to insist on getting oodles of attention at all times. Their coats are easy to maintain.

They only require grooming occasionally and rare bathing to keep shedding at bay.

5. Lykoi

Gray Lykoi Cat With Yellow Eyes
Isselee | Dreamstime

The Lykoi tends to shed less than many other cat breeds. Their lack of shedding is attributed to their sparse coats that typically resemble that of a werewolf.

They are considered to be “partially hairless.” The unique appearance of this cat should not deter you from welcoming the Lykoi into your home.

They are known to be fun-loving and incredibly smart cats that are loyal and affectionate through and through. 

6. Siamese

Two Siamese Cats Laying Together
Catalina Zaharescu Tiensuu | Dreamstime

Though they are not hairless, Siamese cats do not shed very much at all. They are low-maintenance cats in terms of grooming.

Siamese cats have short fur that is easy to care for; simply brushing them occasionally with a fine-tooth brush. Brushing them helps remove dead hair, which helps keep shedding to a minimum. 

Siamese cats are very playful and love all of the attention and love that you can dish out.

They tend to be vocal and will let you know when they need a little more affection. 

7. Russian Blue

Young Russian Blue Cat
K.walkow | Dreamstime

Russian blues tend to shed very little. In fact, they typically shed for about two or three weeks no more than twice a year.

They are also very easy to groom and take care of. The fur on these cats sits at a 45-degree angle which remains smooth and low-maintenance.

Russian blues are short and stout cats. They love attention and are known as being very simple cats to train. 

8. Burmese

Brown Burmese Cat With Yellow Eyes
Sergey Taran | Dreamstime

Burmese cats are beautiful creatures. They have memorable wide eyes and fun-loving personalities and are very loyal to their families.

The Burmese breed of cats is small and has short, fine hair that naturally sheds less than other cats. Grooming a Burmese cat is as simple as brushing with a fine-tooth comb occasionally.

Since their fur is so short, it does not get matted or uncomfortable. 

9. Bengal

Bengal Cat Stalking in Grass
Harry Collins | Dreamstime

If your secret desire is to own a big cat like a tiger, but cannot for obvious reasons, you will likely love Bengal cats.

They are large cats that are covered in stripes and resemble the appearance of a wild cat.

Bengals tend to have short hair that requires very little grooming and maintenance. 

Bengal cats are as close to hypoallergenic as you can get (along with the Sphynx).

Since they are so large, they require more play and interaction than other breeds, so keep that in mind before pulling the trigger on a purchase. 

10. Birman

White Birman Cat Sitting
Isselee | Dreamstime

Birmans may not immediately stand out to you as a low-shedding cat breed, but do not let the abundantly fluffy coat fool you.

These cats are in fact very low-shedding despite their long, thick fur. Their coats do not mat, and therefore do not require a lot of grooming.

We would not recommend these cats for allergy sufferers, but if you just want to avoid the hassle of shedding without sacrificing the beauty of a fluffy cat, then a Birman could be your new best friend. 

11. Bombay

If you want a feline friend that resembles a panther, the Bombay cat breed may be your perfect match.

These cats have dark black, sleek hair that keeps shedding to a minimum.

Bombays have a tendency to act more like dogs than cats, and can even be trained to use a leash.

These extremely loving and playful cats are perfect for families and will not release too many allergens into the air. 

Good Mixed-Breeds To Consider

There are a few mixed breeds of cats that tend not to shed as well. The best ones are usually mixed with the Sphynx. 

Sphynx Crosses

  • Bambino: Sphynx combined with a Munchkin cat
  • Peterbald: Sphynx mixed with Oriental Shorthair
  • The Elf: Sphynx and American Curl

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Truly Hypoallergenic Cats?

Many people believe that there are specific breeds of cats that are hypoallergenic. These cats do not have noticeable hair or shed a lot, so the belief is that there will not be a reaction.

Unfortunately, this is not always true. Every cat produces allergens, whether they shed or not

Cat hair is not the cause of allergic reactions in those who are sensitive to cat allergens.

The main cause of cat allergies is actually from an allergen produced in their saliva.

This allergen then spreads to a cat’s fur when they groom themselves, which in turn spreads into the environment through shedding.

Since all cats shed a small amount, there is no 100% hypoallergenic cat breed. 

Are There Cats That Do Not Shed At All?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a cat that does not shed at all. Even humans shed a little bit.

A cat that appears to be without fur like a Sphynx tends to shed just a little bit. You likely will not notice this shedding though, and a Sphynx is just about as close as you can get to a cat that does not shed.

Which Breeds Shed The Least?

If you are looking for a cat that sheds little to none, breeds like the Sphynx, Bengal, Burmese, Siamese, and Lykoi are right up your alley.

These breeds are all known for shedding a very small amount of hair in comparison to other breeds.

Though they will shed a little bit, these cats lose their hair at a much slower rate which prevents accumulations of fur. 

Now That’s A Wrap

Though there is no sure-fire way to completely avoid shedding and cat allergies, feline fanatics can still find furry friends to love on.

There are quite a few breeds of cats that are relatively safe for allergy sufferers to interact with.

The 11 we have listed are just the top breeds for avoiding shedding, but there are many others to consider as well.