Cat Toothbrushes & Toothpastes

I’m sure you know the importance of oral hygiene for your cat’s overall health.

But choosing the right toothbrush and toothpaste (ones they’ll tolerate or even enjoy) can be challenging.

Luckily, cat lovers alike have voiced their opinions and we’ve compiled the top-recommended toothbrushes and toothpastes.

Let’s get started with the brushes on our list…

5 Best Cat Toothbrushes 

Taking care of your pet’s teeth is extremely important. Unfortunately, unlike regular routine grooming, oral care often gets neglected for our pets. 

It may take some time for your pet to get comfortable with regular dental care, but do not give up! Getting them comfortable with oral care is the key to giving your pet a long, happy life! 

1. Top Pick: H&H Pets Toothbrushes

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These cat toothbrushes come in a multipack. Just like humans need to replace our toothbrushes, you need to replace your pets too! Regardless of your pet’s size, these toothbrushes are a great option. 

There are two purchasing options: one mini single head toothbrush pack or a dual-head small and large toothbrush pack. Their single head toothbrush is recommended for use specifically on cats. It has soft bristles to make sure your furry friend does not experience any discomfort or gum irritation.

This product was voted as one of pet owner’s favorite choices. The materials that H&H uses to make their cat toothbrushes are of human-grade quality. They test their bristles to ensure that they will not be too tough for your pet. The brushes are also angled to make for easier cleaning in those hard to get areas! 

 2. Runner Up: Heartsetpet Soft Cat Toothbrush

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This stylish little toothbrush is designed specifically for your feline bestie. Its bristles, made with FDA food-grade silicone. The brush itself is a 360 brush. This is super unique as it allows you to easily brush your cat’s teeth from any angle. 

This may be especially useful for animals apprehensive about letting you brush their teeth, as you do not have to angle this toothbrush to get the bristles in contact with their teeth. 

With this toothbrush, there is not any hard plastic. The brush is made with silicone, and the handle is sturdy since it contains a stainless steel base and coated in silicone. 

This tool is sure to make tooth brushing easy, even for squirmy cats! 

3. Most Accommodating: Pet Republique Toothbrush

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If your pet is especially uncomfortable during oral hygiene time or perhaps, tooth brushing is new to your feline friend, a finger toothbrush may be a safer way to start. A finger toothbrush may be more comfortable for your pet and helps them get more used to having their teeth brushed. 

A finger toothbrush is also beneficial for you because you can reach different angles of your pet’s mouth without worrying about how you are angling a toothbrush. The bristles are soft, and the brushes even come in different sizes for your fingers to ensure a snug fit! 

4. Great Value Pick: Pet Republique Handle Toothbrush 

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This product is another customer favorite from Pet Republique. They offer a mini head and a dual-sided brush to accommodate different mouth sizes and various angles. Their mini brush is recommended for pets less than twenty pounds, which is great for most cats. 

They claim that their mini brush offers pet owners the littlest brush head available on the market. The toothbrushes use high-quality soft bristles that are easy on teeth and gums, yet remove plaque and thoroughly clean your pet’s mouth. 

5. Unique Pick: VTurboWay 360-Degree Pet Toothbrush 

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This uniquely shaped toothbrush is great for cats because its design has small animals in mind. The brush head is about 0.45 by 0.59 inches and has bristles covering the entire brush head. This allows you to rotate the brush to clean your cat’s teeth. 

This toothbrush has extra soft bristles, ten times more than the standard pet toothbrush. It ensures that no area is left unclean during oral hygiene time. Give your cats a comfortable experience, as this toothbrush gently massages their mouth as you clean. 

5 Best Cat Toothpastes 

Just as important as the toothbrush you select for your cats is the toothpaste you decide to use. Making sure your cat’s toothpaste uses safe and effective ingredients is sure to create lasting gum and tooth health for years. 

1. Top Pick: Virbac CET Enzymatic Toothpaste 

Virbac is the number one recommended dental brand by vets. So it is no surprise that this highly reviewed and praised product is our number one pick for cat toothpaste. 

This toothpaste works to clean your pet’s teeth using enzymes. This helps limit the buildup of plaque and tartar. It also helps get rid of bad breath and harmful bacteria. It also comes in three different flavors to entice your pets: beef, poultry, and vanilla mint. They recommend that you use a soft bristle toothbrush when cleaning your cat’s teeth using this toothpaste. 

2. Runner Up: Petrodex Dental Kit 

Petrodex’s toothpaste toothbrush dental kit pack is an excellent all-in-one option for pet owners. It is an enzymatic toothpaste that works to eliminate plaque, tartar, and all the bad things going on in your cat’s mouth. 

The included toothbrush has soft bristles to avoid irritating the mouth of your pet. It also contains hydrogen peroxide, which aids in fighting against bad breath. 

3. Most Accommodating: TropiClean Fresh Breath No Brushing Oral Care Gel 

That’s right. Another no brushing required cleaning gel for your cat’s mouth. This is an excellent option for pets who cannot handle standard toothbrushing. It is quick and easy and will get the job done. 

For use, you can just put two drops (one on each side) of your cat’s mouth, and that is all you have to do! 

This toothpaste helps to remove bad breath germs, plaque, and tartar while helping aid in good oral health in the future. 

4. Runner Up Most Accommodating: Oratene Brushless Toothpaste Gel 

Oratene’s made in the USA brushless toothpaste is an excellent option for cat oral care. You can use this pet toothpaste up to two times a day to keep your cat’s mouth fresh, clean, and free from harmful bacteria. 

You can easily apply this safe and effective toothpaste using your finger or a toothbrush to your pet’s gum line and let it work its magic!

5. Unique Pick: Oxyfresh Pet Toothpaste 

Oxyfresh will help give your cat fresh breath and kill harmful bacteria that may be lingering in their mouth from the food and surfaces they come into contact with. The brand prides itself on creating a toothpaste that incorporates both mother nature and science. 

Their toothpaste does not require brushing. You can use your finger to apply the gel onto your pet’s teeth.