11 Flat Face Cat Breeds Revealed (With Irresistible Pictures!)

All felines are adorable, but the features of some breeds make them even cuter! Ears, paws, but most importantly, their little faces.

Flat-faced cats are more likely to be adopted/purchased before round-faced cats.

We’ve got the top of the top flat-faced cat breeds for you to feast your eyes upon.

11 Popular Flat Face Cat Breeds

1. Munchkin Cats

These tiny little kitties not only have a flat face, but as the name suggests, they have short legs too. Munchkin cats, despite their short stature, are playful and can pounce quite fast.

Munchkin Cat Laying On Table
Phannasit Tantrakul | Dreamstime

They are often compared to the dachshund dog breed because of their similar looks. Their sudden bursts of energy make them easy to train.

They are quite intelligent and are good at puzzle types of toys. Another animal they mimic is meerkats; they sit up on their hind feet and look up at you, ready to be pet.

Munchkins are one of the best flat-faced breeds to have as a part of your family.

2. Bombay Cats

Bombays are like miniature black panthers, soft black coats with piercing green/yellow eyes, and a medium, muscular build.

Bombay Cat With Yellow Eyes in Grass

With features of a round head, they have surprisingly flat faces. These kitties love to snuggle and get along with people and children.

The Bombay breed can often be found on top of their cat tree, watching their surroundings or taking a little snooze.

They are playful and are naturally curious about the world around them. Keeping them occupied will be quite easy; just give them a ball of yarn or a cat ball.

They are very similar to their ancestors, the Burmese cat breed, meaning they don’t have an undercoat, and you’ll have to brush them weekly.

If you don’t, they can end up with snarls or with matted hair, meaning you may not be able to see their adorable flat faces! 

3. Burmilla Cats

Burmilla breeds are a mix of a Burmese and a Chinchilla. They are the cutest and cuddliest of the flat-faced cat breeds.

Burmilla Cat With Owner
Holzmanpictures | Dreamstime

Their next most adorable features are their big eyes and big ears. Their defined chin makes their faces look not as smooshed in as other breeds, but they still have a cute flat face.

They may love to cuddle, but they also have very particular bathroom hygiene. Having good quality litter and a spotless litter box will keep them very happy.

Burmilla cats will also need to be brushed weekly, the perks of being half Burmese. 

4. Selkirk Rex Cats

These little cuties are not only known for their flat adorable faces, but they have amazing fluffy coats.

Selkirk Rex Cat Laying Down
38843934 © Isselee | Dreamstime

All of those curls will have you hooked. Speaking of curls, even their whiskers curl to match their fur. They have big round eyes that are always looking at you for a snuggle. 

Selkirk Rex kitties will need to be brushed 2-3 times a week with all that fur.

They, fortunately, are not prone to tear duct problems, unlike many other flat-faced breeds.

This breed isn’t the most active and loves to lay on your lap all day long, but you can get them playing with the help of a laser pointer or a fishing pole toy.

5. British Shorthair/Longhair Cats

Both British shorthair and longhair breeds are mostly flat-faced, but their noses don’t turn up like some of the other breeds.

Yellow Eye British Shorthair Cat
Ellenvanloon | Dreamstime

They are a stocky breed, making them less likely to develop certain health conditions putting their hearts and respiratory systems.

Their big bright yellow eyes always have them looking surprised and happy to see you when you get home, even if you had just woken them up.

The brushing schedule will depend on if your fur baby is longhaired or shorthaired.

Longhair, of course, will have to be brushed more often than a shorthair.

6. Persian Cats

Orange Persian Cat With Flat Face and Yellow Eyes
Masezdromaderi | Dreamstime

Persians are well known for their luxurious coats, sparkling eyes, and of course, smashed in adorable faces.

They are broad-chested, have a stocky frame, large head, widely spaced eyes, and an upturned button nose.

Usually, Persian cats want nothing more in life than to lay in your lap day in and day out.

One downside to their long silky fur is that it doesn’t stay untangled for very long.

Daily brushing will be needed to get that fur back to its beautiful look. Along with their fur, their tear stains will have to be cleaned regularly.

They make great pets in quiet environments. Persians aren’t huge fans of loud and children constantly running around.

They are the epitome of cats of royalty, making them perfect indoor cats.

7. Himalayan Cats

Sharing many of the same looks and personalities as a Persian cat dressed up in Siamese drag, Himalayans are less friendly, however.

Himalayan Cat With Very Flat Face
John Wollwerth | Dreamstime

They usually only trust a few people outside of the family. Their favorite place to be is on your lap or curled up on the sofa.

Himalayans come with super easy instructions on keeping them happy. Regular meals, a little bit of playtime, usually with something simple, and A LOT of love.

They require daily brushing, daily face wipes, and regular bathing to keep that coat looking great.

If you’re looking for an expensive cat to have as your forever pet, the Himalayans are one the most expensive cat breeds.

8. Scottish Fold Cats

Scottish fold felines are quickly identified by the squished face, and of course, their famous ear tips look folded over, giving them the “teddy bear” look, making them even more adorable!

Scottish Fold Cat Laying Down
Kalinin Dmitrii | Dreamstime

They were nicknamed “flops” for the look of their ears. Aside from their flat faces and cute ears, they have big eyes, short upturned noses, rounded paws, and a round body.

Grooming them daily is highly necessary to distribute their skin oils evenly.

Daily face wipes are very important as well, just like most other flat-faced breeds.

They don’t have to be bathed as often as most other luxury breeds of cats, but it may need to happen every few months.

These little bundles of fur are a great addition to any family. They are friendly, playful, and usually don’t like to be alone.

Getting them a companion, even if it’s another cat or a dog, will keep them even happier.

9. Exotic Shorthair Cats

Exotic Shorthair With Flat Face and Blue Eyes
Nynke Van Holten | Dreamstime

As a soon-to-be cat owner, if you’re in the market for a traditional Persian feline with a squished face, big eyes, perfect coat, but you don’t want all the grooming requirements, an Exotic Shorthair cat is what you’ll want.

Exotic shorthairs are very low maintenance, other than weekly face wipes.

They are usually created by breeding a Persian with an American Shorthair cat. Sometimes they are a mixed breed with some Russian Blue in them.

These fluffy little teddy bear-looking kitties are very playful and enjoy moving toys.

Giving them some active playtime a few minutes a day will keep your kitty very happy.

They can be found lying on the couch, soaking up all the sun, or waiting for you to come home to cuddle them.

They are great for any family, busy or quiet. They love attention just as much as any of the other flat-faced breeds.

10. Burmese Cats

Sweet little Burmese cats are very energetic, playful, and curious. They usually have more energy than most other feline breeds.

Brown Burmese Cat With Yellow Eyes
Sergey Taran | Dreamstime

They love interactive toys and playing with their humans. They quickly learn new tricks and can play fetch with you as a pup would.

Not only are they known for their flat faces, but they have the softest and silkiest fur. You’ll need to brush them weekly and give them rare baths. 

Even though they are full of energy, they come with an “off switch” at night. You’ll find them curled up sleeping on your bed, making them the perfect flat-faced companion to snuggle with. 

11. Silver Persian Cats

The Silver Persian is also called the Chinchilla Persian and is often compared as the “Rolls Royce” of cats.

Silver Persian Cat Close Up
Zita Figueiredo | Dreamstime

Their facial features make them appear “doll-like” with their big green/blue-green eyes and rounded flat face.

Coming in a few different colors, such as gold, silver, or blue, with their tails looking as though they were dipped in black or blue paint.

Mixed Breeds with Adorable Flat Faces

When you adopt your feline, you usually don’t know what breed they are because they are such a mixed breed. Cats mate and don’t care if it’s the same breed or not.

Being that this happens, flat-faced breeds are bread together all the time. One of those breeds is the Silver Persian.

Any breed CAN be mated with a flat-faced feline, but not all breeds will work together in one cat. With the dangers of health problems, this can make it more difficult on newborn kittens. 

Flat-Faced Feline Medical Problems That Can Occur

Many dangers can occur with flat-faced breeds, such as breathing problems, dental problems, birthing problems, eye issues, and an increased risk of respiratory infections.

It’s not as likely, but there are chances of digestive problems, sleep disorders, and problems controlling their internal temperatures.

Not a lot of research has been done on the last few, but they are doing more to help flat-faced cat owners.

Persians are usually worst off than the rest of the breeds because of their large yet squished facial features.

Not all flat-faced breeds suffer all of these problems, so you’ll want to do some research and/or talk to your local vet before investing in purchasing an expensive feline companion.

They’ll tell you all of the risks and the chances of how often you’ll be visiting the office with your fur baby.