17 Maine Coon Colors (Incredible Pictures!) + Patterns Explained

Maine Coons are the oldest natural cat breeds in America. A native of the state of Maine, this breed is known for its large size and a thick double coat of fur.

If you are a Coon lover, there are over 75 different coat colors to choose from. So what are the most common coat colors and variants? Let’s take a closer look.

Maine Coon Color Classification

The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and breed specialists have divided the Maine Coon Colors into various color groups. Due to the varying fur colors, they get grouped into main color classes. 

The classes include solids, tabbies, shaded, smoke, bi-color, tortoiseshell, parti-color, and tabbies with white.

Here’s how to recognize each of these color variants and patterns.

Solid Class

Just like the name, the solid color class has one single coloring across the entire body. Known for their striking appearance, they have one intense color without any patches, patterns, or stripes. 

Unlike other Maine Coons, the fur color on their tails and legs is consistent with the rest of the body. 

Solids come in either black, white, blue, red, brown, cream, or blue. 

Tabbies Class

The tabby is the most popular color type for Maine Coons. Most of these cat breeds are descendants of the first Maine Coon identified in the 1800s. Their distinct feature is that their fur has markings, spots, and stripes.

Because of the different types of stripes and colors, tabbies come in different color combinations. These divisions are classic tabby, mackerel tabby, or patched tabby patterns.

Smoke Class

Smoke cats’ appearance is similar to the solids, but the coloring fades out on their chests or undercoats. As kittens, the color of the undercoat is less visible and becomes more outstanding with age. 

Not to be confused with solids, you will notice the undercoat has a lighter coloring. They come in blue, cameo, cream, or tortie.

Tortoiseshells Class

Commonly known as tortie, these type of Moon Coons get their name from the tortoiseshell turtle. Their base color is mainly black with heavy patches of red and cream. These random streaks of color patterns make them attractive.

Tabbies with White Class

The tabby with white is similar to the tabbies and only differs because of its white paws and chest. They come in red tabby white, silver tabby white, brown tabby white, and patched tabby white.

Shaded Class

Shaded Maine Coons have at least three variations of color. However, they tend to have one solid color, varying in intensity on different parts of the body.

The solid color fades or becomes lighter on the chest. With this pattern, the undercoat is primarily white, and the rest of the body has a different color.

It comes in shaded silver, cameo, cream, blue-cream, blue-silver, and tortoiseshell.

Bi-Color Class

A bi-colored Maine Coon has one color combined with white. If your cat has a bi-color pattern, it has white coloring covering the legs, belly, chest, and face. The most common cat under this class is the black and white tuxedo cat.

Parti-Color Class

These breeds of cats have a combination of more than one color. For instance, your cat could have red and black as the core colors on the fur.

What are the Most Popular Main Coon Colors?

From the above pattern classification, there are different colors that Maine Coons come in. Here are some of the most popular. 


Black Maine Coons have a dense black fur coat from head to toe. The nose leather tends to be black, while the paws can be brown or black. As you plan to get one of these breeds, you have to carefully check up close whether they have a different color on their undercoat.

Solid Black Color Maine Coon
Nynke Van Holten | Dreamstime

If you are wondering what makes the Maine Coons black, it all comes down to the genes.

For a kitten to develop a solid black coat, it must inherit the recessive non-agouti gene from its parents, or both parents must have the dominant black color gene known as an allele.

You can get this cat breed either as black smoke or solid black Maine Coon.

Black and White

Black and White Color Maine Coon
Nynke Van Holten | Dreamstime

The black and white Maine Coon is also known as a tuxedo. The primary color is black, with the white coat displaying from the nose to the chest. This stunning cat also tends to have white paws.


While these breeds are not sky blue, they tend to have a blue-grey shade on their fur coats. The blue Maine Coon is part of the solid color classes. However, there are other types and can vary from silver-grey to dark grey.

Blue Color Maine Coon Laying On Floor
Ermolaevamariya | Dreamstime

Some of these breeds could also have a white chest or undercoat. The nose and ears tend to be a shade of blue, blue, or white. With this color, these cats are very adorable, especially in a solid pattern.

Red/ Orange/Ginger

Red Maine Coons are strikingly alluring because of their color. Their coat color, also referred to as orange or ginger, is stunning and comes in different variations and patterns.

Orange Color Maine Coon Laying On Bed
Esolex | Dreamstime

Unfortunately, finding a solid orange or red Maine Coon is very rare.

Most of them are tabbies as they tend to have fur that is lighter in some body areas. To make them more outstanding, they also have pink noses and bright golden eyes.

A fun fact for ginger Maine Coon lovers. 90% of these cats are male due to genetics. The red color can only be found in the X chromosome.

Because of this, male cats have that Y chromosome that gives no color, making the X chromosome more dominant.


If you are looking for a stunning white pet, then the white Maine Coon is the perfect choice for you. Getting one with a solid white color is rare but possible. These pets have outstanding eyes and come with a pinkish nose and ears.

Solid White Color Maine Coon
Sergey Taran | Dreamstime

For a cat to be solid white, one of the parents must be white, which is the dominant gene that masks any other variations.

It isn’t easy to pass down this white color to other generations, and that’s why most Maine Coons will have a hint of another shade or pattern.

Because solid white Maine Coats are rare, they cost a fortune at the breeders.


These types of Maine Coons appear white at first glance. However, they have a slightly shaded cream color that makes their appearance unique.

Cream Color Tabby Maine Coon
Nils Jacobi | Dreamstime

Cream varieties can either be solid, whereby the entire body is covered by a similar fur coat or patterned.

In most cases, they will have a combination of colors. An excellent example of this breed is the cream cameo tabby which has a blend of cream, silver, and blue colors.

Cream is not as rare as other colors. It forms when the red coat develops as a lighter shade.


Getting a silver Maine Coon is not common with breeders. They are a variation of a shiny grey color.

Silver Maine Coon With Paws Up
Nynke Van Holten | Dreamstime

This color is often a combination of two colors which makes it appear smoky. The silver cameo tabby is the most common of these types of cats.


As a cat lover, you have likely encountered a brown Maine Coon in your neighborhood.

They are the most common breed because they are easy to breed, making them readily available to the breeders.

Brown Color Maine Coon
Sergey Taran | Dreamstime

Brown Maine Coons come in solid colors as well as a combination of patterns and colors. The smoky type with a white undercoat is very popular.


Cameo Maine Cats are a combination of colors. Their fur coats come in a blend of bright red and silver.

Cameo Color Maine Coon
Nynke Van Holten | Dreamstime

This mix of color is consistent on all sides of the body and the tail. However, the paws are white, which enhances their appearance.

Cameos lean closer to the red or ginger family of the Maine Coons.


Compared to the blue Maine Coons, they come with a blend of blue and grey colors. This combination of colors stands out when there are other solid colors involved.

Blue Grey Color Maine Coon
Benophotography | Dreamstime

With this type of cat, the ears and nose are grey, black, or blue-grey.


Characterized by red and cream patches, the tortie has black as the base color.

Tortie Color Maine Coon
Nynke Van Holten | Dreamstime

The population of female torties is higher because red and black colors are present in the X chromosome. This is the case because females have the XX genetic composition.

Cats with this color have narrow bands of white color on their faces and ears.

Blue Tortie

Blue tortie combinations can be classified under smoke and tabby Maine Coons.

Blue Tortie Color Maine Coon
Tinasdreamworld | Dreamstime

The white undercoat has shades of blue that combine with the color patches on the fur coat.

You could also spot some white hairs on your cat’s body.


If you are looking for a Maine Coon with a combination of colors, you can get a blue-cream option.

The blue patches completely intermingle with the cream shade on the entire body. Maine Coons with these parti-color mixtures are stunningly beautiful.

Red and White

Just like the black and white colors, Maine Coons with red and white colors are attention-grabbing.

Red and White Color Maine Coon
Laura Fokkema | Dreamstime

The base color is usually red with white patches on the undercoat. Sometimes, the cat could have some white patches on the face.

The white color also extends to all the paws and belly. So the eyes could vary or have half colors due to this combination.

Besides, the eyes don’t stand out because of the striking body color.


Some cat varieties such as tabbies can have cream-silver fur coats. These colors are unique and blend seamlessly on the body.

This combination of colors results in an off-white base shade. Most of the markings are cream with a white undercoat.

The chin and the lips will have the same shade as the rings found under the eyes. The paw pads and nose tend to be pinkish.


Shaded colors can come in a blue-silver shade. The undercoat is white with blue markings on the face, sides, and tail. However, the areas under the chest, stomach, and chin will be white. 

Blue Silver Color Maine Coon
Nynke Van Holten | Dreamstime

The legs take on the same color as the face. With this coloring, Maine Coons will have a pinkish nose and paws.

Blue & White

Some Maine Coons can also be in blue and white colors. In this case, the face can either have white patches or not. However, on the belly and all the paws, the primary color is white.

Blue and White Color Maine Coon
Nynke Van Holten | Dreamstime

The combination gives the Maine Coon a distinct appearance.

Common Questions About Maine Coon Colors

What is the Rarest Maine Coon Color?

Maine Coons come in many colors. However, some of these colors are hard to come by, even at the breeders.

White Maine Coons are not easy to find due to the challenge during breeding. Solid red or orange Maine Coons are very rare. It’s easier to get ginger tabbies or smokes.

What is a Shaded Maine Coon?

When classifying the Maine Coon colors, shaded is one of the categories. Shaded Maine Coons come in several variations of color. 

There is one outstanding solid color that fades in intensity on the different parts of the body.

You will notice the belly or chest of your cat will have a lighter shade of color, primarily white.  

Are white Maine Coons Rare?

Yes, they are rare because of breeding challenges. For example, if you want your kittens to be solid white, the white color must be dominant in one parent.

Replicating this during breeding is a challenge, and therefore, most white Maine Coons will tend to have other color patterns and combinations.

Can Maine Coons Be Orange?

Yes, Maine Coons come in red colors and are also known as orange or ginger. However, it’s rare to have a solid orange color. Instead, most of them will have patches or stripes of other color combinations, especially tabbies.

Well, That’s All Folks

When it comes to Maine Coons, the color options are several. According to the Cat Fanciers Association, the Maine Coon can come in more than 75 colors for your choosing.

If you would like a cat with one color or combination of patterns for your next pet, you can now easily decide.

Most of them are easy to breed and come in stunning colors.


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