How Much Do Maine Coons Cost? (With Real Breeder Prices)

Maine Coons are a beautiful, big breed of cat that many animal lovers would love to add to their home! Being such an amazing breed, it takes some care to find a quality breeder—and that means paying a little more than you might for a Domestic Short Hair. 

How much do Maine Coons cost? From a responsible breeder, you can expect to pay around $2000 or more for a kitten. If the cat is older (for example, an adult cat retired from breeding), you can expect to pay a little less. Prices vary wildly, so it’s important to research breeders—and also, not to necessarily pick the cheapest. 

Actual Maine Coon Prices

To find out the actual cost of a health checked, socialized Maine Coon kitten, you can look at responsible breeders and find out some prices.

These breeders are all registered and reliable!

Fluffy Giants Visit Website $1900-2400
Mountain Maine Coons Visit Website $2000-2200
Brushy Creek Coons Visit Website $2000-3500
Hissy Fit Coons Visit Website $1850-2700
Jinxy’s Den Visit Website $2,050

As you can see, these reputable breeders usually have clear sites with information that’s transparent and easy to understand. 

They list what the price of the kitten includes (health checks, registration, microchip, etc.) and often provide previews of their contract.

Of course, with these prices, it’s also important to remember that the cost of owning a cat doesn’t stop at the initial sum. Vet bills, food, and toys all add up. 

What Impacts The Price Of Maine Coons?

If you’ve only just started exploring the idea of purchasing a Maine Coon, you might be asking yourself, “Why are Maine Coon cats so expensive?”

After all, most kittens are relatively cheap, and to be looking at prices that exceed $2000 can be a bit of a shock to the system if you’re only just beginning your research.

The main reason that Maine Coons are expensive is the cost to the breeder. A responsible breeder will be taking care of multiple cats, doing health screenings for them all, making sure each kitten is health checked before going to a new home, vaccinating them, registering them, etc. 

If a breeder were only to charge $500, they wouldn’t be able to do all of these things and the quality of the breed would go down—as well as selling poor unhealthy kittens!

Even amongst healthy Maine Coon cats from reputable breeders, however, prices vary. 

“Show quality” cats are likely to cost more. 

For example, a cat with blue eyes might be considered show quality in a white Maine Coon, but not in a brown one.

This won’t matter to you if you’re only getting the cat as a pet, so it’s something to consider!

Breeders also sometimes sell their kittens with breeding rights, which can make the cat cost more.

Breeding rights means the buyer can allow their cat to have kittens further down the line, rather than the typical spay/neuter contract that most animals are sold with to ensure they aren’t being bred irresponsibly.

Finding A Quality Maine Coon Breeder

If you’re ready to take the plunge and want to find a quality Maine Coon breeder, you can start with a simple Google search! TICA members are always reputable breeders, and a list of places to find a beautiful Maine Coon can be found on their site

The power of social media is a great one too. Enter Facebook groups based around Maine Coons and ask for recommendations.

Remember, though—don’t just take the first recommendation! 

Always do your research, and ask the breeder the following questions:

  • At what age do you think your kittens are ready to leave?
  • Are they health checked and vaccinated?
  • How do you socialize your kittens?
  • Can I have a preview of the contract?
  • What food do you feed them?

There are a few red flags to look out for with breeders also:

  • Unwilling to let you visit and see where the kittens are kept
  • Refusal to provide vet records or a vaccination history
  • No spay/neuter contract, as any good breeder will not want to encourage backyard breeding
  • Not keeping you up to date after the kittens are born with pictures/videos

It’s also important to look out for scammers. Some people will post pictures of Maine Coons they do not have, just to get a deposit from you and block you. 

Make sure any breeder you send a deposit to has a plethora of great reviews, a reputable website, and, if possible, send it by Paypal or pay with a credit card so you can claim the money back if you need to. 

You should never, ever use Craigslist to find a breeder. Most of the listings are scams, and the small percentage that are legitimate are usually the result of backyard breeding (hence the low prices). 

In general, you should remember to never go with the cheapest breeder. A $400 Maine Coon kitten might sound like the best deal in the world, but that kitten likely hasn’t been vaccinated or health checked. 

The best-case scenario is you have to pay for all of that and the price adds up anyway.

The worst-case scenario is that your kitten gets sick and dies. Irresponsible breeders will not refund you for this, and the heartbreak of losing a pet so soon will stay with you for a long time.

You should also never worry about asking your breeder too many questions! In fact, your breeder should be asking you a lot too. 

Good compassionate breeders care about where their cats are going and want to ensure they have the best home possible, so they should be patient and communicative about any inquiries you have. 

Adopting A Maine Coon Cat

Although Maine Coon cats are not common in shelters, it does happen! The shelter fee is likely a lot lower than what you would pay for a kitten, though it’s important to ask about the animal’s background.

For example:

  • some cats can’t be rehomed with other cats
  • some cats are very nervous and require patience and socialization, etc.

It’s always great to adopt if you can, so it’s worth keeping an eye out.

There are also Maine Coon rescues. 

These places specialize in rescuing Maine Coons from bad situations and taking in surrenders, only to foster them and adopt them out to a loving home. 

Rescues tend to vet people and also may want to visit your home to make sure it’s suitable for the cat, so it can be a bit of a process, but the reward is well worth it. 

Pure Bred Cat Rescue is a known reputable rescue for Maine Coons and other breeds.

Another good place to check is a Facebook group for Maine Coon adoptions, like Only Maine Coon Rescue

That’s A Wrap

If you’ve decided to get a Maine Coon cat, congratulations! 

This beautiful breed is known for its intelligence and good nature and as long as you keep them stimulated and happy, you’ll have a great companion for life.

Although the breeding world is full of scams and backyard breeders, as long as you do your research and pick someone reputable, you’ll have a great pet for many years to come.