Maine Coon

Maine Coons are North American natives, their domestication dating back to pre-colonial times in what is now the state of Maine. In fact, they are Maine’s official state cat! 

Some theorize that they are a cross between a bobcat and a domestic cat. They are the largest cat breed, with a rugged, hearty body, a long, shaggy coat with a short-haired underbelly, and a distinctive ruff along its chest. They come in various marbled or mixed coat colors, the most popular of which is similar to raccoon coloring, for which it is named.

Just because they are huge doesn’t mean they aren’t gentle, friendly, and incredibly docile. These are great pets for any pet owner or family as they are great with kids and other pets. They are calm, loving, and affectionate companions who are fiercely devoted to you once you have gained their trust.