Siberian Cat Size – Weight, Length, Compared To Other Cats

Siberian cats are Russia’s native cat breed. With their large size and oversized, fluffy coats, it’s clear they were built for the cold — and they’re beautiful!

If you’ve been considering purchasing or adopting a Siberian cat, you might be wondering just how large this breed gets. 

They’re no small feline, that’s for sure, so it’s important to be aware of just how big your fluffy friend will be. 

How Big Do Siberian Cats Get?

A fully grown male Siberian will range from 16-24lbs, with females weighing from 13-18lbs. They measure 18-inches in length and 11-inches at the shoulders. This makes them considerably larger than the average house cat. 

At 8 weeks, a Siberian cat weighs around 3-4lb, compared to the 2lb of an average cat. 

By 6 months, they’ll be around 8-10lb, which is the average size of most full-grown cats.

Cats don’t stop growing until at least a year old, though they can keep growing for a while after, so this is quite a difference compared to your average mixed breed feline. 

Siberian cats actually may not be considered fully grown until they’re 5 years old, making them one of the slowest maturing cats.

How Big Is A Siberian Compared To A Normal Cat?

The most common cat, a domestic shorthair, weighs 8-10lbs on average and is between 12-15 inches in length. A Siberian cat weighs, on average, 15lbs and measures 18-inches in length. As you can see, a Siberian cat is quite a bit larger than a normal cat.

This can all vary depending on each cat’s diet and how much exercise they get, but this serves as a good comparison.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at how Siberians stack up against some other well-known cat breeds. 

Siamese cats are typically 11.5-14.5 inches, and weigh around 8-15lb, making many of them even smaller than domestic shorthair cats (DSH). This means they’re definitely far smaller than a Siberian cat.

Persian cats are 14.5-17.5 inches in length and around 7-12lb. They tend to be more slender than the other cats, but the length is almost comparable to a Siberian cat. 

A small Siberian and a large Persian might just be the same size.

Ragdoll cats are around 21 inches in length, and they weigh around 8-20lb. This makes them a little larger than Siberian cats, so if you’re looking for something even bigger, a Ragdoll cat might be a great option. 

Bengal cats are 14-18 inches in length. They mostly weigh between 8-15lb, though some larger males may go beyond that. 

This means that a larger Bengal might be exactly comparable to a Siberian cat, although again, there will be less hair!

Abyssinian cats are around 12-16 inches in length and around 8-12lb. This means they’re very similar in size to a Domestic Shorthair, though can perhaps be a tiny bit larger without being considered overweight. 

Are Siberian Cats Bigger Than Maine Coons?

If you’re looking for a large cat, you might be torn between the Siberian cat and the Maine Coon. Both are known for their large stature and beautiful coat, so it can be a tricky decision.

Maine Coons are usually around 10-15lb for females and can get up to 15-25lb for males. Males can usually be up to 16 inches tall and, just like with the weight, females are a little smaller, capping out at 14 inches. 

This makes the Maine Coon, one of the largest cat breeds, significantly larger than the Siberian cat. If you’re looking for something still beautiful but a little smaller, the Siberian cat is the best choice.

If you’re all about size, a Maine Coon might be a better option. 

Related Questions

If you’re still wondering if the Siberian cat is right for you — and about its size — you might have some other questions!

Can I influence The Size Of My Siberian Cat?

Yes! It’s not possible to healthily make your cat smaller, but you can definitely ensure it reaches its full potential by keeping it on a healthy diet and getting regular veterinary check-ups to rule out any problems. 

When picking out your Siberian cat, you can also choose a breeder with large cats. 

The size of a cat cannot be guaranteed, but genetics play a huge part, so if your kitten has large parents then there’s a much higher chance of them being bigger.

Why Is My Siberian Cat Smaller Than I Expected? 

If your Siberian cat is smaller than you expected, there might be a number of reasons as to why. 

Here are a few things to consider:

They aren’t finished growing. People rarely expect any cat to grow until their 5 years old. This breed of cat certainly can, so your cat may simply not have capped out at its final weight, length, and height.

Something is wrong. If your cat seems too thin or has stopped eating, it’s time for a vet trip to check that everything is okay.

They’re a mixed breed. When shopping for a cat, it’s important to go to a reputable breeder. If you purchase a cat from a backyard breeder without papers, they may be selling the cat as a Siberian when it’s not actually that breed. 

Even if the cat looks Siberian to you, these breeders will actively trick people. It’s important not to purchase from a backyard breeder in general because the cat may also come with a whole host of health and socialization problems.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a large, beautiful cat, then a Siberian cat is certainly one breed to consider.

They’re not the largest of the cat breeds and slightly smaller than others like the Maine Coon, but they’re still bigger than average — especially with that coat fanning out and giving them the illusion of a bigger size.