Siberians vs Maine Coons| Which Is Better? – 11 Traits Compared

If you’ve decided to commit to a cat, Siberian cats and Maine Coons are some of the top choices around. 

Both beautiful cats with endearing features and traits to draw them in, making them great options for the right people.

You might find yourself stuck between the two, unsure which to go for. 

The best thing you can do is educate yourself on the differences and similarities between each breed, to find out which cat would be best for you!

6 Similarities Between Siberian & Maine Coon Cats

There are a number of similarities between Maine Coon and Siberian cats.

1. The Price Tag

Whether you want a Siberian cat or a Maine Coon, there’s little point in choosing based on which is cheaper. Both of these beauties come with a pretty hefty price tag if you buy from a reputable breeder (which you always should!). 

Siberian cats and Maine Coons both will cost around $1200-$2000, though they can go up to $4000 with a great pedigree line behind them. (Siberian cost, Maine Coon cost)

2. Rarity

Their popularity makes them quite rare. Many people prefer to adopt rather than buy, but these cats aren’t often found in shelters. 

Whenever they are, they’re snapped up very quickly.

If you’re committed to adopting one of them, your best bet is to go through a purebred cat rescue.

These places specialize in rehoming purebred cats, though they tend to be very careful about where they go, so you’ll have to fill out an adoption application and meet some requirements!

If you’d rather buy one from a reputable breeder, here are complete lists of both Siberian breeders and Maine Coon breeders.

3. Diet

Whether you have a Maine Coon (we explain a Maine Coon’s diet here) or a Siberian cat, they have similar dietary needs. You should look for food that doesn’t have a lot of filler and is high in protein.

Whether you feed them dry or wet food is up to you, as each has its advantages and disadvantages. Dry food can be left out all the time which means less maintenance, but wet food tends to make your cat leaner.

Remember — these cats lean on the larger side of the feline species, but that doesn’t mean you should let your cat become overweight. 

Both cats can also be fed a raw diet if you choose, though you should always do your research and never feed them exactly what they would have eaten in the wild.

Although they would eat birds, rodents, and insects if fending for themselves, that doesn’t mean it’s best for them. 

Orange Color Maine Coon Laying On Bed
Orange Maine Coon

4. The Misleading Reputation

Because of their long, soft coat and high quality of breed, Siberian cats and Maine Coons both enjoy a reputation of being hypoallergenic. This couldn’t be more misleading.

We discuss the topic of hypoallergenic Maine Coon’s here and hypoallergenic Siberian cats here.

Maine Coons and Siberian cats do tend to shed less dander than the average cat aside from their molting periods twice a year, which means someone with cat allergies might have less of a reaction to them.

However, it’s important to remember that, whatever you’re told, no cat is hypoallergenic

5. Personality

No personality can be guaranteed in a breed of cat. Each cat is a law unto themselves, and will ultimately develop their own personality.

Maine Coons and Siberian cats both tend to be playful and affectionate though, making them very sweet companions. They’re great family pets because they love people and don’t have a huge amount of exercise needs. 

Like the rest of the personality, intelligence often depends on the cat, but both of these breeds are considered to be very intelligent. If you want a clever cat, you’re looking in the right place. 

People often believe that cats can’t be trained as well as dogs can but these cats not only take to litter box training fast, they can actually be taught tricks with some patience.

6. Build And Strength

Both of these cats are very lean. They’re muscular and tend to be stronger than the average cat, making them good jumpers.

5 Differences Between Siberian & Maine Coon Cats

You’ve examined the similarities, but now it’s time to look at the differences.

1. Appearance

To the untrained eye, a Maine Coon and Siberian cat might look very similar due to their coat. There are many things about their appearance that are actually quite different.

For example, the Maine Coon has a square head and the Siberian cats is softer and round. The Maine Coon’s eyes are closer together than the Siberian cat’s, and the Siberian cats are rounder.

To some, they are subtle differences; to cat enthusiasts, they’re very noticeable!

2. The Coat

Both Siberian cats and Maine Coons have a multilayer coat that they shed twice a year — in the fall and in the spring, in preparation for the cold or the heat.

This gives them the appearance of being very large, beautiful, and fluffy!

It does mean that their coat requires some maintenance though, so you should make sure to brush your cat around once a week and keep up to date with their grooming.

Luckily, cats are self-cleaning, so there’s no need to bathe them.

The difference, however, is that the Siberian cat has three layers and the Maine Coon only has two.

Since Siberian cats developed in an extremely cold climate, it makes sense for them to be better protected against the elements. 

Large Siberian Cat Laying Down
Siberian Cat Laying Down

3. Size

A Siberian cat can get up to 17lb and remain at a healthy weight, which is certainly larger than the average cat. 

A Maine Coon, however, can reach a whopping 25lb

If you’re looking for the biggest of the two, a male Maine Coon is the way to go.

Females are slightly smaller and might be more comparable to a Siberian cat but in the end, there are very few cats that can match up to the sheer size and stature of a Maine Coon. 

4. Origins

As you can likely tell from the name, the origins of the two cats are quite different. 

Siberian cats developed as a natural breed in Russia. They’re present in fairytales and considered the national breed, so they’ve been around for many centuries. The Siberian cat didn’t even make it to the US until the 1990s.

The origin of the Maine Coon is somewhat mysterious, and no one’s quite sure where their ancestry comes from.

However, the name tells us they have been bred in Maine for quite some time, and they’re more deliberate and involve more human interference than a Siberian cat.

Some theories include that they’re descendants of European ship cats, that it’s a hybrid between a domestic cat and something else (such as a bobcat), and that they were brought from Vikings!

None have been proven or disproven, though the wide theory that they’re actually domestic cats crossed with raccoons is not very likely. 

Despite that, the Maine Coon is considered native to the States. 

5. Health Issues

Most purebred cats come with potential health issues, but the ones you need to watch out for differences between the species.

For Siberian cats, the only one you really need to look out for is hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. It’s the most common heart disease across all cat breeds.

Maine Coons are also prone to hip dysplasia and spinal muscular atrophy. It’s important to do your research and keep an eye out for symptoms, even if the parents were health tested.

Common Questions About These Breeds 

Are Siberian And Maine Coon Cats Related?

Because Siberian cats and Maine Coons look very similar to a lot of people, it’s often questioned if they’re related.

As far as we know, no, they’re not.

That’s something experts can’t be sure of though. Because the Maine Coon has such an elusive history, shrouded in mystery with all of those theories, it’s hard to really know with certainty.

There might be some distant connection from many hundreds of years ago.

Despite their long, fluffy coats that make them look similar though, it seems they aren’t related — as far as research can tell. They just both happen to have those coats to protect them from the cold weather they developed in. 

Is There A Siberian-Maine Coon Mix?

The short answer is that, yes, it’s perfectly possible to breed a Siberian cat and Maine Coon together and there are no doubt breeders doing that somewhere in the US.

The longer answer is that perhaps it shouldn’t be done.

Most reputable breeders stick to one single breed. That way there’s more of a guarantee on health, temperament, etc., as they’ve gotten to know the breed so well over the years and know how the genes interact when breeding.

Mixing two breeds of any cat or dog can cause unprecedented issues.

Some breeders would argue that it helps breed out the issues in purebred cats rather than cause more, but the science of the matter is still up for debate.

If you want to guarantee a healthy cat, it’s better to go with a reputable breeder that has health checked both the parents and kittens.

Maine Coons and Siberian cats are both beauties that might look similar at first glance — and there are similarities. They both have huge, thick coats, loving personalities, and high intelligence. 

However, there are a couple of differences it’s important to take note of when making the right choice for you.

They might look like the same cat to someone who isn’t too familiar with the breeds, but they aren’t even related.