Turkish Angora

The Angora is the original Turkish breed, named for the former Turkish capital in which they were domesticated, bred, and still very much prized. The Turkish government began a breeding program back in the 1930s to maintain the purity of the Angora breed, with its characteristic that continues today.

However, Angora cats are a rare breed in most other parts of the world today.

One of their most notable features, thought to be a gift from Allah by Islamic Turks, are their eyes. Their respective one blue and one amber-colored eye are also further illuminated by their snow-white long-haired coats.

They are muscular, lean, medium-sized cats and are regarded by many to be among the most beautiful and regal-looking cat types.

Angoras are very smart, strategic, graceful, and active pets. They are in constant movement, pouncing and traipsing from furniture, trees, countertops, or any other structure they can reach. 

Like the Vans, many Angoras enjoy swimming or playing in the water. Their long hair requires ample grooming, and they crave attention from their owners, so they are great cats if you plan to be home a lot.